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If the carpets in your home have stains you can’t get out or have just seen better days, it may be time for professional carpet cleaning. The professionals have special equipment that can deep clean your carpets. They also have the knowhow for getting those stubborn stains out. Although you may think you don’t need to do anything in preparation for professional carpet cleaning, there are actually a few things you can do to make their job easier.


Vacuuming your carpets before the professionals arrive is a great way to give them a head start. By making sure your carpet is free of dirt or other debris, the cleaners can get right to work tackling the more intense, soiled-in dirt.

Another thing you can do before the carpet cleaners arrive is dust the surrounding area. This will prevent the dust from falling back onto your freshly cleaned carpets. It’ll also help keep them looking spotless for longer. Baseboards, shelves, and electronics all tend to collect the most dust, so focus on those areas.

Move Furniture

If you’re paying to have your carpet cleaned, you want all of it to get cleaned. This means moving your furniture out of the way of the cleaners. Although some professional carpet cleaning companies will move your furniture for you, there may be extra fees involved.

Put Away Valuable and Fragile Objects

Accidents happens, that’s just part of life. But you can minimize them by putting away valuable or fragile objects before the professionals arrive. Any glass or porcelain objects kept on your coffee table, side tables, or cabinets should be put somewhere safe. These places can easily get bumped into during your carpet cleaning.

Move Your Curtains/Drapes

Curtains and drapes that reach all the way to the floor can be a great design choice for your home. Unfortunately, they’re not such a great choice if you’re having your carpets professionally cleaned. Not only can they get in the way of the carpet cleaners, they can become damaged if they get wet during the process or are dangling onto the damp carpet afterwards.

Take Out Your Pets

If your pets don’t like the vacuum, they’re definitely not going to like carpet cleaning equipment. Even if they are friendly, it’s a good idea to keep them out of the way of your carpet cleaning crew. It’s one less thing for them to worry about as they get the job done. If you can’t set up a space for your pets inside away from the cleaning, they can play outside or perhaps you have a neighbor or nearby family member that can look after them for the day.

Save a Parking Space

Although a lot of the preparation for professional carpet cleaning takes place inside your home, there’s something you can do outside as well. Save a parking space for the cleaners that is as close to your front door as possible. This small kindness can go a long way to making their job easier since they won’t have to lug their equipment farther than they need to.

If you need your carpets professionally cleaned, contact Thomas’ Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Service today!

If you’ve recently experienced water damage in your home, there’s a chance there could be mold lurking. Mold loves to grow in dark, damp environments such as behind furniture or appliances, under flooring, or even in the walls of your home. Here are some of the most common types of molds found in homes.

White Mold

“White mold” can be tricky because it is used to describe the beginning stages of many species of mold. Although there are some molds that remain white once they grow spores, others will start to change colors as the spores are produced. In general, white mold will appear as a powdery or filmy substance on a surface. Common food sources of white mold include wood, drywall, carpeting, and other organic materials.

Green Mold

Chances are you’ve seen green mold growing on fruits, bread, or other food you’ve left in the back of the refrigerator for too long. Unfortunately, it can also grow in wet areas of your home. This type of mold will appear soft and fuzzy and comes in many shades of green. The most common types of green mold include Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and Penicillium. Although green is a common hue for these molds, they can also be found in blue and black.

Orange Mold

Orange mold is most commonly found outside on decaying organic matter like fallen trees or leaf piles. However, it can still be found indoors. If you have hard water, meaning your water has a high dissolved mineral content, then you may be prone to orange mold. It can grow in your shower or even in your toilet bowl where there can be a lot of bacteria.

Black Mold

The most infamous of all the molds, black mold is highly feared by any homeowner. Because of its toxic nature, black mold can cause allergic reactions and health problems in those who have been exposed to it. Depending on the length of exposure, you can expect to experience anything from fatigue and headaches to fevers and rashes. Like other molds, black mold is most likely to grow where it is warm and humid. This often means it can be found in your home’s basement or crawlspace. These are also the most common locations of leaks or other sources of moisture in your home.

Do you suspect you’ve been exposed to any of these types of mold in your home, or have recently had water damage? Your next step is simple. Call in the professionals. They’ll be able to assess the situation and get your home back to being a safe place for you and your family. If you have water damage or need mold removal, contact Thomas’ Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Service today!

Returning from vacation or even a day at work can quickly turn into a nightmare if you discover your basement has flooded in your absence. Anything from a broken pipe to excessive amounts of rain can cause flooding. Luckily, there are ways to help prevent this nightmare from becoming your reality.

Gutters and Downspouts

In the event of heavy rain, it’s your gutters are going to help keep your basement dry. Make sure you’re cleaning your gutters every spring and fall. Clogged gutters don’t drain correctly and will dump water directly onto your foundation. Over time, heavy rains will soak through your foundation and into your basement.

Along with clean gutters, downspouts can also help keep you prevent basement flooding. Downspouts should direct water at least three feet away from your foundation. You may also need additional extensions or troughs to achieve this distance.

Landscaping and Grading

If you have flowerbeds or other landscaping around your home, it is a good idea to leave a gap or barrier between them and your home. Mulch and soil retain water that can eventually find its way into your basement.

Your yard also plays an important role in preventing basement flooding. The slope of your yard could allow water to pool around your foundation, eventually allowing water to seep in. Depending on the grade, or slope, of your yard, you may need to regrade your lawn or even install drains.

Window Well Covers and Foundation

If you have basement windows that are below-grade, you’ll want to install window well covers. When fastened securely to your home’s foundation over the windows, the covers will help to waterproof your basement and prevent it from flooding.

However, you also need your foundation to be in good condition. While installing window well covers, check over your foundation. If you find any cracks, be sure to repair them as soon as possible. Water will always find the path of least resistance, and windows and foundation cracks are an open invitation to water.

Sewer and Septic

Clogs, sewer backups, and overflows can wreak havoc on your basement. When was the last time you had your sewer inspected or your septic tank cleaned? Proper maintenance will ensure that these systems are running smoothly and keeping not only water- but wastewater- out of your basement.

What happens if your basement floods?

Unfortunately, not every plan is foolproof. In the event your basement does flood, make sure to call in the experts as soon as possible. The quicker they can assess the situation and get your basement dried out, the less likely further damage- like a mold infestation- will be able to occur. You can contact Thomas’ Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services anytime to fill out a Service Request!   

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