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Upholstery is one of the parts of our homes we often forget about cleaning- unless there was some sort of mishap. Although there are ways for you to clean your upholstery yourself, different fabrics require different cleaning techniques. Worst case scenario, you could even worsen any stains you are trying to get out or ruin your furniture altogether. That’s why it’s always a good idea to call in the professionals. Here’s how you can prepare for your professional upholstery cleaning.

Remove Clutter

If you are having the professionals come clean your upholstery, you want to make sure there isn’t anything in their way. Remove clutter both from the floor and the furniture itself. This can be anything from children’s toys and shoes to blankets and pillows. You may also want to make sure none of your TV remotes have gotten lost between the cushions of your couch or favorite chair.

Put Away Fragile or Valuable Items

Along with clutter, you’ll want to make sure that anything fragile or valuable is out of the way of the cleaners. Although cleaners take the utmost care, accidents do happen. If you have any fragile or valuable items located near the upholstery that is going to be cleaned, it’s best to just put it away until after your furniture has been cleaned.

Move Furniture

Another way to prepare for professional upholstery cleaning is to move your furniture. If you have a coffee table or side tables nearby, move them to another room for the time being. This will allow the cleaners to have optimal moveability and ease of access to the upholstery they are there to clean.

Make Note of Problem Areas

It can sometimes be hard to tell what is a stain and what is a shadow. Lighting or shadows can often disguise blemishes in the material as well. If there are any specific areas you would like your cleaners to focus on, let them know beforehand.

Have Arrangements for Pets Beforehand

If you have pets that might not be happy about loud machines or strangers in the home, make arrangements for them beforehand. You can keep them in a separate area of the home. You could even let your friends or family pet-sit for you for the day. With pets out of the way, the professionals will be able to complete the cleaning process quickly without worries.

Clear a Path

The professionals will have equipment they will need to take to the furniture being cleaned. Make sure there is a clear path from the front door to whatever is being cleaned. With a clear path, the cleaners will be able to get the job done quickly and professionally and there won’t be a risk of them tripping while going to and from their truck.

If you’re looking to have your upholstery professionally cleaned, Thomas’ Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services can help. Give us a call at 931-552-7847 or contact us online!

PCS season is still in full swing! If you’re getting ready to move to your next duty station, you’ve likely got a lot on your plate. Between packing and cleaning, it’s easy to forget something. If you’ve been renting or your home needs to pass inspection before you ship out, the cleaning process is going to be especially important for you. A clean home can mean passing inspection the first time or getting your deposit back if you were renting. Luckily, we’ve compiled this list, so you don’t forget a thing!

  • Dust, dust, dust! You may have been good about dusting certain furniture in your current home, but there are likely places that haven’t been touched since you moved in. Ceiling fixtures- including lights and fans- and all ledges will need a good dusting.
  • Check the walls. Are there nails or screws left behind from hanging pictures? Make sure to take these out and then properly fill in any holes left behind. It can be a good idea to give the walls and baseboards a wipe-down as well.
  • The most forgotten places. There are certain areas of your home that you touch everyday but never take the time to clean. This can include doorknobs, doors, light switches, and outlet covers.
  • Faucets and fixtures. Whether in your kitchen or bathroom, take the time to clean and shine up your sink, faucet, and any other metal fixtures.
  • Vacuum unexpected places. Exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen can attract a lot of dust.
  • Sweep behind appliances. Crumbs can get everywhere in a kitchen, even behind appliances.
  • Scrub your appliances. Refrigerators and ovens have food in them all the time, and where there’s food there’s often crumbs, or drips left behind. Make sure to scrub your appliances inside and out.
  • Countertops and cabinets. These well-used surfaces in your kitchen will need to be cleaned out and wiped down.
  • Don’t forget the garage. The garage should be completely empty and if possible, power wash any lingering stains on the concrete. This applies to your driveway and sidewalks too if needed.
  • Spruce up the outside. This means mowing the lawn and getting rid of any unsightly weeds.
  • The number one thing you don’t want to forget: your carpets. After all the furniture is gone and all the boxes have been moved out, the most noticeable feature of your home will be your carpets. You may have had stubborn stains covered under a rug or piece of furniture, but now they’re out in the open for all to see. Without anything else in the room, you may also notice discoloration in the high-traffic areas of your home. The last thing you want to do before your inspection or moving out of your rental is to get your carpets professionally cleaned. They will be able to get out those stubborn stains and all the dirt and dust that’s built up over the past few years that your vacuum left behind. Additionally, you’ll also want to check your lease. Some rental companies now have requirements for your carpets to be professionally cleaned before you move out.

If you’re looking to have your carpets professionally cleaned, Thomas’ Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services can help. Give us a call at 931-552-7847 or contact us online!

Are your carpets looking dingey? Is there that stain you can’t seem to get out no matter how hard you try? It could be time to hire professional carpet cleaners. You may think trying to tackle carpet cleaning yourself is easier, but here are some reasons why you should hire the professionals.

Save Time and Money

Who has the time to clean their carpets and then wait for them to dry? That’s precious time you could be spending with your family and friends, having fun or relaxing. Not only that, renting or buying carpet cleaning machines can be expensive, and that doesn’t even include the cost of special cleaning solutions.  If you don’t let your carpets properly dry after cleaning them, mold and mildew could start to grow, putting your family’s health at risk.

Effectively Remove Lingering Stains and Odors

The retail machines you can rent or buy aren’t nearly as effective as the professional systems. Professional systems use hotter water and even have the ability to sanitize your carpets. This means that they will more easily remove those stubborn stains you’ve never been able to get out. Additionally, their sanitizing systems will kill bacteria and dust mites that have taken root in your carpets.

All Carpets Are Different

Are your carpets wool or synthetic? Are they low pile or high pile? Based on these characteristics, the professionals will be able to capably and expertly clean your carpets without damaging them. Wool carpets especially can be difficult to clean properly without damaging them. Every carpet requires a different treatment that you just can’t get from your standard retail carpet cleaning machine.

Years of Experience and Know-How

Because the professional carpet cleaners have years of experience and know how, they’ll be able to clean your carpets more effectively than you could on your own. They’ll know how to handle the stains, odors, and materials your carpet is made out of without potentially making those stains worse. Additionally, they’ll have the specialized tools to get into those tricky corners, along baseboards, and they have low-moisture equipment to speed up drying time. With their know-how, you can prolong the life of your carpets and keep them looking brand new.

If you’re looking to have your carpets professionally cleaned, Thomas’ Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services can help. Give us a call at 931-552-7847 or contact us online!

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