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A fire can be a traumatic event that can lead to not only the destruction of property but also the loss of lives. If you act fast, your own life may be spared but your home won’t be so lucky. Fortunately, there are fire damage restoration professionals that can help you salvage what is left in the aftermath.

Three main causes of fires in your home:

  • Cooking: If a fire breaks out on your stove, place a lid over the pot or pan in use, this will smother the flame. Next, turn off the stove. NEVER try to put the flames out with water. This can cause sever burns or even spread the fire. If a fire starts in your oven, turn it off and shut the door. The fire will eventually burn itself out.
  • Heating equipment: Make sure you aren’t placing space heaters too close to clothing, curtains, or furniture. Your heater should be in the middle of the room, at least three feet from any flammable objects.
  • Faulty wiring: If you notice light bulbs flickering frequently, burn marks around your electrical outlets, or electrical fire smells near the outlets, these are signs an electrical fire could be around the corner.
  • Candles: Not only do candle add ambiance, they can keep your home smelling fresh. However, they are still an open flame and should be placed at least 1 foot from any flammable objects.

Depending on the size of the fire, there may be only minor damage from flames, smoke, and soot. However, larger area could have been affected. A fire damage restoration company will be able to properly assess the damage and how to best restore your home back to safe, livable conditions. They will be able to effectively analyze each item in your home to determine whether or not it is salvageable.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just fires you have to worry about. Smoke damage can be caused by the indirect exposure to the flames. Smoke and soot from fires can stain carpets, walls, and other surfaces in your home. They can even leave behind a distinctive odor in the more porous materials throughout your home.

The longer you let water and smoke damage sit, the more devastation they will cause. It is important to call your fire damage restoration service within 24-48 hours of the incident. Do not attempt the restoration yourself. Inhaling soot and smoke trapped in your surfaces could cause health complications for your and your loved ones. It is best to leave it to the professionals.

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