Carpet Cleaning vs Carpet Restoration

Carpet cleaning and carpet restoration are the two most use ways to keep your carpets looking fresh and brand-new year after year. Both of these types of carpet maintenance can not only prolong the life of your carpet but can also be performed on any type of carpet, from residential to commercial. Although many companies specialize in both carpet cleaning and carpet restoration, there is in fact a big difference between the two. 

Carpet Cleaning 

Carpet cleaning, or maintenance cleaning, involves routine cleaning to keep your carpets looking fresh. If maintenance cleaning is allowed to take place, then dirt is removed before it has the chance to settle into your carpet. The first step of carpet cleaning is vacuuming. This will remove loose dirt and debris that makes its way into the fibers of your carpet. Regular vacuuming will help keep grime from settling in and causing stains.  

The next part of carpet cleaning is steam washing. Over time, grime can settle in, drinks will be spilled, and pets will have accidents. Stains will start to appear in your carpet. Steam washing, used for both residential and commercial cleaning, can help to remove the stains and clean the carpet deeply.   

Carpet Restoration 

Carpet restoration, or restorative cleaning, is a one-time process to deep clean and “restore” your carpet to a new or like-new condition. This type of cleaning will depend on how dirty the carpet is. As well as how old it is, and what it is made out of. There are cleaning agents that can be used on synthetic materials but not wool carpets.  

Much like maintenance cleaning, restorative cleaning begins with vacuuming. It is important to get the loose particles out of your carpet before any other cleaning tactics can take place. Next, different sprays and cleaners will be used in tandem with agitators, like mechanical rotary or cylindrical floor machines, to remove both suspended and embedded soil. Once any spots have been treated and your carpet has been thoroughly cleaned, it will then be dried. 

Carpet restoration can also include more than just the deep cleaning of the carpet. Damaged sections of carpet can be replaced by the experts using carpet patching. If your carpet has become crooked or pulled away from the wall, then you may require carpet re-stretching to straighten it back out. If you carpet has been damaged by water, then you may need wet carpet restoration. In this process, professionals will thoroughly dry out your carpet before beginning the restoration process. 

How to Combine the Two 

Ideally, you should always be using a combination of maintenance cleaning and restorative cleaning to keep your carpets looking their best. Whether it is for your residential carpet or your commercial space, you should begin with carpet restoration. This will give your carpets a deep clean to remove any evidence of the former tenants of the space. Then, make sure you are keeping up with regular carpet cleanings to prevent the build up of dirt, debris, and the set in of stains. 

If you’re interested in either type of cleaning for your residential or commercial space, contact Thomas’ Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services today!