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Water Damage Restoration

Thomas’ Restoration is your hometown water damage expert.  We work with your insurance company to make sure you get what you have been paying for.  You have had insurance for years, make sure the company you choose works for you and is not looking out to save the insurance companies money. Some of the most common damage in a home is from water. Whether it is from a tiny leak or a major flood, water damage can affect anyone.

Main causes of water damage:

  • Severe weather that causes flooding
  • Clogged gutters
  • Frozen, burst, broken, or leaking pipes
  • Dishwasher or washing machine malfunction
  • Sewage backups
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Malfunctioning sprinkler system
  • Flooded basement
  • Leaking roof or window

The first step to reversing the affects of water damage is to remove any standing water from the area. Once the standing water is taken care of, contaminated or damaged fixtures can be removed from the area. Next, our team will clean up, dry, and sanitize the water-damaged areas and contents.

A large part of water damage restoration is ensuring that mold doesn’t develop. We will dry out the affected area with specialized equipment. We will also treat and disinfect the area as an extra precaution to prevent mold from developing over time.

In addition to mold, structures that have been exposed to water itself- and the increased humidity that comes with this- there is risk of insect infestation. There are various insects that are attracted by high humidity.

Water damage can be categorized into three groups, depending on what type of water was involved.

  • Clearwater: This is water that is leaking from a sanitary source such as water from a sink, washing machine, or bathtub overflow. If left for more than 48 hours, clearwater can become greywater.
  • Greywater: This water has been contaminated and will lead to sickness if consumed. Greywater can come from toilets or leaking appliances. If left untreated, greywater can become blackwater in 48 hours.
  • Blackwater: Bacteria and viruses can be found in blackwater. It can contain anything from fecal matter, sewage waste, grease, or chunks of food. Not only will blackwater cause damage to your property, it can cause infections and expose you to harmful illnesses.

No matter the type of water that has caused the damage, water damage restoration companies such as Thomas’ Restoration, will use professional recommended machinery and tools for water removal, water mitigation, dehumidification, cleaning, and sanitizing. It is our goal that your property is restored back to a habitable condition after the damaged wreaked by water.

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